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Monitoring in real time

The Gaumont Pathé use case

How do you provide all employees with a solution for managing their activity in real time that is fully tailored to the specific nature of the movie industry?

In searching for such a solution, Gaumont Pathé, Europe’s leading movie theatre network, came across the ForePaaS platform as a service.


At first glance, the Group’s specifications seemed easy enough to understand, such as the ability to view screening schedules and track trends in earnings according to different criteria (theatres, movies, etc.). But the movie industry is a highly specific sector. The time scale is highly atypical (the week begins on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday, and the working day finishes at 1:30 am), while precise legal rules govern how box office takings are redistributed. In addition, Gaumont Pathé has unsurprisingly defined its own rules and processes since its inception in the 19th century.

Key challenge: customize the management tools to reflect the Group’s specific business needs

In this particular environment, management clearly expressed the need to allow all employees to manage their activities anywhere and anytime and thereby improve their operational efficiency. This need actually encompassed a number of different requirements:

  • Provide fully customizable tools… so incorporate all the sector-specific features
  • Guarantee strong uptake among users… so offer a solution with an easy learning curve
  • Provide the most up-to-date information possible… so work in real-time
  • Bear in mind that a large proportion of the data is confidential… so provide a secure environment

The solutions available on the market quickly showed their limitations faced with this list of specifications: limited customization and inability to include all the specific features of the Group’s line of business and the legal framework. The required level of customization implied elevated costs and also raised concerns about maintenance and security, since automatic updates were no longer guaranteed. Furthermore, management was on the lookout for an iterative approach in order to quickly develop an initial service to which new functionality could progressively be added.

By choosing ForePaaS, the Group has combined security and an enhanced user experience as part of an iterative development process.

The limitations inherent in traditional solutions prompted Gaumont Pathé to take a closer look at the ForePaaS platform and rightly so since:

  • ForePaaS delivers all the services needed to build a fully customized solution.
  • The platform is designed to support all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).
  • The user experience prevents the need for any training or change management.
  • The platform’s open architecture allows KPIs to be easily incorporated in the SharePoint intranet.
  • The ForePaaS environment provides all the necessary guarantees in terms of data integrity and security.
  • The platform’s in-depth support for versioning and different environments (development, production, etc.) simplifies the process of adding new functionality over time.

The result is that close to 300 users can now improve and keep a close eye on the performance of their activity with the ForePaaS management solutions, which are regularly enhanced to reflect the latest requirements.

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