How to Build Trust in Cloud Computing

How to Build Trust in Cloud Computing

How cloud sovereignty – trust, security and high technical performance, can build trust back to the cloud.


The data sovereignty awareness


Public authorities and public companies own a treasure, which is now digital. There is a growing awareness of the importance of dat. However, ensuring data sovereignty is still tough for many companies.

A lot has already happened. Last July 2018, Mounir Mahjoubi, then Secretary of State for Digital Affairs in France, had presented the French government’s Cloud strategy, in order to increase usage and adoption by local and regional authorities, administration and public institutions and accelerate digital transformation at the State level. Calls for bids are ongoing, and include the Gafam.   

Orange, which buried a first version of a sovereign cloud in 2015, recently re-launched the project in order to meet the needs and expectations of a market that has become more and more mature.


What is the right context to adopt sovereign cloud?


The question today is not anymore about adopting the cloud or not, but how to get there, without compromising data security and privacy. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that came into effect in the spring of 2018, gives businesses and citizens more control over their personal data.  But at the same time across the Atlantic, the Freedom Act and more recently Cloud Act, raise concerns for IT managers and business leaders. Those US laws apply to French companies relying on American providers to store their data, and allow the American government to access data managed by Internet and Cloud giants.


What about the Eastern front? Alibaba, the Chinese giant, fourth biggest cloud provider in the world, recently expanded in Europe by opening data centers in the United Kingdom in order to simplify the access to the Chinese market for European companies. 


This is the right context to develop and adopt sovereign cloud, that stands for trust, security and high technical performance.


The ForePaaS Platform is built for The Sovereign Cloud


These are all ForePaaS core values. We’ve work since the beginning to make data accessible to everyone and harness multi-cloud and the latest technologies for enhanced independence and portability of your data projects. Our platform not only avoids “vendor lock-in”, but also lets you seamlessly migrate your sensitive data to an enterprise-grade cloud. This comes with the capacity to build tailored projects, in line with your business needs and deadlines.



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