Making it Even Easier for First-time Users to Onboard!



We are proud to announce ­­­our new “First-time User Guided Tour” interface. This new guided tour interface is designed to make the first-time users on-boarding experience as easy as pie!


One of the most popular features of the ForePaaS platform is its ease-of-use. We are constantly thriving towards improving the user experience further by ensuring it is super easy, highly intuitive and full of delight at every touch point.


Following this guiding compass, we have revamped the overall first-time user experience. First-time users now get a free-trail access to the platform for 14-days. You can even take advantage of this new offer without giving your credit-card details! Isn’t that cool!


When you login to the ForePaaS website with your full name and email ID (let’s pretend your name is PK), you get the following welcome page:



The first thing the onboarding interface will help you with is to create an organization. An organization is simply a workspace shared with your teammates to work on projects. Once you are part of an organization, you can create DataPlants for each project. 


Name your organization and follow the step-by-step guidelines to create and launch your first cloud-native AI application.




The guided tour takes you through every step of the way. It follows the following categories:

  • Fire up a free-trail environment: To create your DataPlant (in just 3-4 minutes)
  • Visualize your first data source: To set up your end-to-end AI or data pipeline (in just 30 minutes)
  • Invite your teammates over: To add members to your organization (in just 1 minute)
  • Scale-as-you-go: To unlock the full scaling potential of the ForePaaS Platform (in just 2 minutes)


By clicking on “Get Started Now” the new onboarding experience interface will ask you to give your DataPlant a name, add a short description and validate the configuration setup. Upon confirming all this, the ForePaaS Platform will automatically choose and configure a cloud service provider and a data store and set-up your DataPlant. Wasn’t that easy?



That’s it! You’ve created a new DataPlant. The new onboarding experience interface welcomes you to your new DataPlant:



Here’s the exciting part! To ensure first-time users don’t lose their way around the platform, the new interface guides them step-by-step through each of the components. Here are some examples.


The new guided tour tells you how to set-up your data extraction and transformation rules:



The new guided tour tells you how to connect to sources and organize your data:



The new guided tour tells you where to go to build your AI or ML models:



The new guided tour tells you how to expose your data, through APIs or through a full pledged Web app:



Give it a try, we are sure you are going to like it!


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We would love to hear from you to know how easy it was to get started with your first AI/ ML or Analytics project on the ForePaaS Platform.


If you have any suggestions on how to improve the user-experience further, let us know! Like we said, we’re thriving to make the user-experience as easy as possible. We would love your feedback to make it even better!


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