JBS (Japan Business System, Inc.) launches a new Implementation Service specialized in ForePaaS platform

JBS (Japan Business System, Inc.) launches a new Implementation Service specialized in ForePaaS platform

JBS (Japan Business System), a service IT companies, targets companies as well as national and local governments that engage in digital transformation, promoting data-driven management. Since the environment surrounding these customers is changing at an increasing pace, data is important to address various social and business challenges. It is also crucial that such projects run smoothly and are delivered in production.

In order to shorten the implementation periods, reduce costs, and accelerate the use of data by user departments, JBS has chosen the ForePaaS platform which is distributed in Japan by the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI), ForePaaS exclusive partner in Japan.

JBS has also decided to create the ”Data Analysis Lab for ForePaaS” service. This new service consists of a dedicated team of data professionals (data analysts, data engineers, etc.) who are trained and specialized in implementing solutions using the ForePaaS platform.

For more information, please see Data Analysis Lab for ForePaaS webpage: https://www.jbs.co.jp/solution/list/dataanalysislaboforforepaas


About JBS

Japan Business System (JBS) is a leading provider of cloud solutions in Japan. Founded in 1990 and with around 2 300 employees, JBS contributes to the improvement of customers’ cloud utilization capabilities and the digital transformation of society through a series of support services ranging from consulting to solution implementation, operation, and utilization.



About the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI)

The Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI) is one of Japan’s foremost think tanks. MRI has half a century of experience in providing public and private sector clients with research and consulting services over a wide range of fields, such as energy, environment, health care and ICT. MRI has supported Japan’s rapid growth and establishment of the country’s advanced policy and infrastructure. The Company’s researchers can provide clients both within Japan and abroad tailor-made insights based on their expertise and a broad network across Japan’s leading fields. MRI will continually envision a desirable future, resolve societal issues, and lead change in society to co-create a sustainable and abundant future.