ForePaaS Unveils New Machine Learning Manager Demo

ForePaaS Unveils New Machine Learning Manager Demo

Watch the Machine Learning Manager demo for free. Simple data science model set-up, training, scoring, evaluating, and productizing.

The Machine Learning Manager demo shows you how Data Scientists can quickly build machine learning, artificial intelligence, or deep learning models and productize them on the cloud at any scale. Creating Machine Learning for your organization doesn’t have to be a complex and time-consuming process.


Watch the Machine Learning Manager demo and learn how organizations around the world are creating, deploying and scaling their Data Science projects, quickly and economically with the ForePaaS unified end-to-end platform. It is the only true cloud-native collaborative platform designed to help you get there quickly.


In this demo you will learn:


  • How the Machine Learning Manager allows data scientists to use Jupyter Notebooks by hosting them directly on the cloud of your choice. This allows Data Scientists to explore their data and build ML models while benefiting from a robust cloud infrastructure – enjoy low latency, scalability, unlimited capacity and full security. They don’t need to copy their data to an off-line system. From the ForePaaS Store you can easily access the Jupyter Notebook of your choice.
  • How the Machine Learning Manager offers a complete ML pipeline guide that takes you through all the necessary steps to build your Data Science models, train them, tune them, score them, and deploy them.
  • How the ForePaaS Store offers a multitude of algorithms to choose from.
  • How you can easily select which model you want to put into production with just a couple of click.

And much more!


Watch the Machine Learning Manager demo





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