We are happy to announce that OVHCloud has acquired ForePaaS!

We are happy to announce that OVHCloud has acquired ForePaaS!

OVHCloud acquires ForePaaS


Today is a big day, not only in our data journey but also as a company. We are happy to announce that OVHCloud has acquired ForePaaS!

Since our inception, we have thrived on solving the problem from A to Z of analytics and ml operations. During these past seven years, we served our customers of all sizes and industries in Europe, North America, and Asia, especially thanks to our partnership with Mitsubishi Research Institute.

Now it’s time to accelerate even more. OVHCloud is one of the largest cloud providers in the world and a European Leader. We felt from the beginning that our DNA and vision are so close that we have to join our forces and create a new paradigm in the ML and analytics space together!

Thank you to all our customers, partners, and investors who have trusted us from the beginning and thru this adventure. Thank you also to all my team without whom nothing would have been possible. Their commitment, purposefulness, and passion for building the first end-to-end cloud data platform have been the critical success factor in the past and more importantly, for the future with OVHCloud.

Thank you Octave Klaba, Michel PaulinThierry Souche and the entire OVHCloud team for this tremendous opportunity to join the OVHCloud family!




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