ForePaaS Releases Three New Product Demos

ForePaaS Releases Three New Product Demos

Watch these three new product demos for free


These three new product demos walk you through the functionalities of three key components of the ForePaaS unified end-to-end Machine Learning and Analytics Platform.


ForePaaS Cloud-Native Environments


The ForePaaS Platform is a cloud-native platform. This demo describes how your Analytics and Machine Learning will thrive on any public, private or multi-cloud. Focus on creating value instead of wasting time on the cloud infrastructure, logistics, scaling, and security challenges.



ForePaaS Data Manager


This demo shows how you can easily connect to any data source, collect any data, from anywhere with the ForePaaS pre-built connectors. Set up your data lake, data warehouse, object store to store any type of data, whether structured or unstructured. Benefit from important productivity gains with the ForePaaS automated features. Customize your connectors, import your own, build new ones and share them with your team members.



ForePaaS Data Processing Engine


This demo walks through how you can create and automate your data transformation, extraction, and loading processes for small or massive amounts of data. Benefit from pre-build action rules, customize them or build new ones using JSON configuration files. Set up workflows and sequences. Schedule jobs or create triggers to run your ETL/ ELT.



The ForePaaS Platform


The ForePaaS unified end-to-end platform helps companies create and operationalize repeatable Machine Learning and Analytics projects on any cloud at any scale the easy way – without adding pressure on your teams, with no technological complexities, without sacrificing enterprise requirements and within your budget.


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