Technology partners

The European leader in hosting services, OVH provides public and private cloud solutions, including hosting in France.
By offering OVH as a cloud provider, ForePaaS delivers solutions that meet all your needs for data sovereignty and for regulatory and contractual compliance.
Furthermore, ForePaaS has been selected by OVH to be part of its “Digital Launch Pad”, a program to accelerate the growth of start-ups. View website
The worldwide leader in IT services, Cisco has become a major player in hyper-converged infrastructures with its Hyperflex offer. By uniting their services into a combined Hyperflex-ForePaaS package, Cisco and ForePaaS offer a unique environment for data processing.
Fast to deploy, this hybrid cloud solution delivers agile infrastructure dimensioning and works closely with your productive assets. By storing data and performing calculations within your IT environment, you’ll ensure the highest standards of security. View website

Business partners

Eleven Strategy is a strategy firm specializing in the challenges of the digital revolution.
Its teams support major companies in scoping and deploying their digital transformation projects.
By partnering together, Eleven Strategy and ForePaaS have developed an integrated approach to your projects, from defining your needs to deploying and maintaining streamlined solutions. View website