ClassNK Endorses ForePaaS

ClassNK Endorses ForePaaS

The ForePaaS Platform aggregates, consolidates, and centrally manages all the data needed to display and analyze information from individual vessels or branches more effectively.


Fumitaka Kimura, Ph.D. Chief Specialist, Digital Transformation Center at ClassNK, is interviewed in this testimonial, as ClassNK Endorses ForePaaS.  Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) is an international ship classification society dedicated to ensure the safety of life and property at sea by providing ship survey and maritime certification services globally. Watch the video and read the  transcript below.


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Fumitaka Kimura from ClassNK endorses ForePaaS:


How are you using the ForePaaS Platform?

“We currently use the ForePaaS Platform as part of our in-house system to manage data in an integrated and centralized way so that users can freely view data from any perspective.

Previously, our data was fragmented across multiple systems, making data collection time and effort-consuming, and preventing us from promoting data utilization.

Furthermore, as integration with external systems was not enough, team members had to carry out data collection manually. The system powered by ForePaaS now enables us to view and use data more efficiently by aggregating and displaying information from individual vessels or from our branches.”


What are the main advantages of using the ForePaaS Platform?

“One of the advantages of the ForePaaS Platform is that the development environment is almost ready to use straight out of the box, so implementation is extremely fast. After the implementation, each solution can be deployed and operationalized very quickly.

Since data acquisition, processing, and display are processed very quickly, it is easy to add new data sources, which is very different from conventional system developments.

We believe that the ForePaaS Platform has excellent synergy with agile development. We have been able to implement various requests, both large and small, within a day. That’s quite impressive.”


Did you have any concerns regarding users who have no specialized technical knowledge?

“Though several team members have had almost no experience in web application development and programming, the Mitsubishi Research Institute has provided tutorials and hands-on courses to assist our training and skills transfer process.

They are now able to make use of most of the general features of the ForePaaS Platform to perform day-to-day data operations. I felt that it was really possible to utilize ForePaaS well enough without technical knowledge.”


What kind of things would you like to try doing using ForePaaS in the future?

“At the moment, we are actively engaged in reviewing internal processes and creating new value. We hope to use the ForePaaS as a platform to implement and run any ideas emerging from those efforts quickly.”


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