Custom PySpark Scripts

Custom PySpark Scripts

You can now run your Apache Spark™ scripts on the ForePaaS Platform by choosing Custom PySpark as a data processing action 🎉 !


📣   What’s new?


  • Import or create custom PySpark scripts as a data processing action.


This integration allows you to import or create your own data processing scripts written with PySpark and run them within the ForePaaS platform.


Just go to your Data Processing Engine – select New Action and choose Custom PySpark. That’s all you need!


Custom PySpark Data Processing Script
Custom PySpark Data Processing Script


Your data processing PySpark actions will run on a Spark cluster, seamlessly integrated with your Machine Learning or Analytics environments, and automatically leveraging the full capabilities of the ForePaaS Platform.


No need to adapt your PySpark scripts, or loose time integrating them!

Just upload or create your script and kick start your project on the ForePaaS Platform 🚀



Artur Vianna
Product Marketing Manager


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Documentation: Custom PySpark action


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