A marketing cockpit dedicated to business performance


Why monitoring marketing campaigns is crucial for retailers

Digital in retail, like in many other industries, has become a must to understand and communicate with customers. And this should only get faster.

While most traditional tools work with a centralized cockpit, new digital tools are often harder to manage.

In order to maximize ROIs, retailers should become expert in leading their actions and investments.

This requires:

  • To have KPIs in one place and real-time
  • To keep track of campaigns and special events
  • To integrate multiple and different data sources (both internal and external)
  • To get a consistent view of their actions to fine-tune business operations management
  • To simplify and fasten the integration and correlation of analyses with customer data (profile, average basket, satisfaction…)


Isolation, manual processing and access to data are tough for business teams

Among all the solutions available on the market, none answers the full spectrum of needs of business teams:

  • Lots of solutions are isolated and need a manual reprocessing
  • Access to data is complex and their processing is not automated: it can take time to access information and analytics
  • Little autonomy is given to Top management to deal with access rights (Country, Region, Group)
  • In the era of Data Science and AI, it is still hard to integrate external algorithms


A clear vision on digital campaigns efficiency for each store

Cora chose ForePaaS to work on their Data Management, trusting its experience of serving retailers needs, in order to:

  • Connect all necessary data sources (internal information system, public or open-source data…)
  • Conceive and deploy a dashboarding tool with a high level of personalization to let you visualize and segment data depending on users profile
  • Build analytics for exogenous or internal impacts on business performance
  • Develop a capacity to integrate and leverage Data Science
  • Create secure environment to deploy and manage applications

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