Laser sharp marketing management for shopping malls

Key objectives

  • Cross-reference digital and in-store data with different level of granularity
  • Build a comprehensive drive-to-mall monitoring application

Key results

  • First time to delivery: 8 weeks
  • 21 different data sources, from 16 countries
  • 106 shopping malls onboarded


Marketing investments ROI

  • Facing the growing competition of digital pure players (Amazon, Vente Privée…), Klepierre’s key objective is to generate traffic in its retail outlets in order to optimize its offer to its clients, whether they are retailers, restaurant owners…
  • In order to do so, teams make substantial investments in marketing campaigns. Monitoring, performance measurement for actions and investments are a major performance issue.

To maximize its ROI, Klepierre should be able to efficiently monitor marketing campaigns and investments. It means providing its teams with a solution bringing together data from physical, digital and internal channels…


Bringing physical and digital data back together

Today, marketing campaigns take multiple forms: digital campaigns, sales demonstrations, TV campaigns, mobile apps, press…

Integrating external and internal data (budget, turnover, web traffic) helps to calculate the ROI.

Monitoring is complex, because data sources are abundant and fragmented. A manuel reprocessing is often necessary, and may lead to mistakes, loss of productivity, long delays to provide key KPIs. In addition to that, Klepierre shopping malls are present in 16 European countries. Meaning, the same KPIs can be measured by different service providers.

Although it has become essentiel in a context where technological innovation is everywhere, traditional solutions still miss agility to aggregate data coming from multiple sources and struggle to meet business needs.


Simplify data analytics for shopping malls

Klepierre worked hand in hand with ForePaaS to develop a data management platform:

  • Connect with multiple data sources (company information system, social networks, apps, marketplaces, weather, calendar…)
  • Build and deploy customized dashboarding tool to visualize and segment data according to the user profiles
  • Analyze the impact of exogenous or intern drivers on business performance
  • Integrate and run Data Science projects – in the next steps, Klepierre would like to deploy predictive models
  • Maintain secure environment to deploy and manage apps

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