Integrate all digital assets to optimize marketing investments at group level

Key Objectives

  • Build an aggregated view of social and website activity
  • Reduce reporting costs

Key Figures

  • 90% budget reduction in marketing reporting
  • 700 data sources connected
  • 5 weeks delivery


Global market with global investments

Global leader on its market and part of the Saint-Gobain group, Weber develops and sells solutions for construction and renovation through its 57 subsidiaries. 

The company has undertaken a major digital transformation: today, each branch interacts with its own ecosystem through web, social networks, mobile apps, emailing...

Significant and growing investments are made for each of these operations in order to better address clients and leads' needs, promote products, improve the service quality, etc. 

Facing these changes, Weber management wanted to make available a solution to measure those investments' performance, bring a centralized overview while keeping everything flexible and scalable. 


Fragmented and hard-to-process data sources

  • Data sources are multiple and isolated from each other: each brand owns and manages its own digital accounts. More than 600 digital assets coexist within the group.
  • Digital channels are not all homogenous: for instance, Weber uses Weibo instead of Facebook in China since the latter is forbidden in the country. 
  • Data sources are not fed automatically: and therefore require a manual reprocessing. 
  • Raw data need to be reprocessed in order to highlight its value.
  • Information sources are hard to correlate: they often need to be combined with other indicators coming from ERP or CRM.


Embracing agility and data-driven mindset to support business use cases

With ForePaaS, Weber quickly found itself liberated from previous constraints related to Data Management. They have been able to build in only 3 weeks a customized digital cockpit integrating the whole set of digital assets of the Weber group and its 57 branches. Coworkers have access to a global and constantly updated overview of their digital marketing activity.

They could deliver a fine-tuned performance analysis through modules dedicated to data reprocessing. Digital metrics are now correlated to macro ones (population, website penetration rate...) and help to give a better overview on business performance.

The platform scalability lets Weber teams continuously enrich their marketing cockpit on very short development cycles: new data sources, new KPIs... Digital performance indicators are correlated with business performance ones.

ForePaaS flexibility takes customization to the next level regarding interface and graphic design. The solution is fully integrated into Weber's software environment.

Last but not least, they leveraged ForePaaS' in-depth access rights management capabilities to automate and fine-tune authentication. Because there are many different brands and countries inside Weber, this is especially useful to give the right access to the right user in a few clicks.

Today, more than 350 users within the organization can now optimize their digital investments and create ROIs thanks to the digital cockpit built and managed on ForePaaS.


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