Laser sharp marketing management for shopping malls

Key objectives

  • Cross-reference digital and in-store data
  • Build comprehensive drive-to-mall monitoring apps

Key figures

  • First time to delivery: 8 weeks
  • 21 different data sources, from 16 countries
  • 106 shopping malls onboarded


Marketing investments ROI

Facing the growing competition of digital pure players (Amazon, Vente Privée…), Klepierre’s key objective was to generate traffic in its retail outlets in order to make its offering more attractive to clients, whether they are retailers, restaurant owners…

In order to do so, teams needed to make substantial investments in marketing efforts. Monitoring, performance measurement for actions and investments were therefore a major issue.

To maximize its ROI, Klepierre needed to be able to efficiently monitor marketing campaigns and investments. It means providing teams with a solution bringing together data from physical, digital and internal channels.


Reconcile physical and digital data

Today, marketing efforts take many different forms: digital, TV campaigns, sales demonstrations, mobile apps, press… Combining marketing with external or internal data is also helpful (like budget, turnover...) to calculate ROI.

Monitoring is complex, because data sources are often abundant and fragmented. Manuel reprocessing is sometimes required and may lead to mistakes, loss of productivity, or long delays. Klepierre faces additional complexity as their shopping malls are present in 16 European countries, meaning that the same KPIs can be measured by different service providers.

Although it has become essential in a context where technological innovation is everywhere, traditional solutions still miss agility to aggregate data coming from multiple sources and struggle to meet business needs.


Simplify real estate analytics for shopping malls

Klepierre was seeking a solution that would make data management simple for internal teams and clients. In the age of automation and data-driven, fast time-to-market and user-friendly development experience are to-be-expected.
In the end, that’s why Klepierre was drawn to ForePaaS, which provides a one-stop shop to deliver data projects and an automated infrastructure that doesn’t require in-house experts to set up.

Klepierre leveraged ForePaaS’ platform to create, deploy and maintain customized analytics applications in order to evaluate their shopping centers’ marketing performance. With ForePaaS, they have been able to manage the full data lifecycle:
- From collection of multiple data sources, like company information, financial data, social networks, apps, marketplaces, weather, calendar…
- … to visualization, through customized dashboarding tool to expose and segment data according to user profiles

Klepierre teams took ownership on the dashboards very quickly, allowing them to present and share results and takeaways easily.
The first delivery occurred in only 8 weeks, and after a successful testing period with 5 shopping malls, 106 centers are now using the solution.

The long-term objective is to go one step further in the understanding of business performance drivers, building predictive models based on traffic and weather for example.



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