Customer satisfaction

Build your centralized customer satisfaction management tool by integrating multiple sources. Integrate real time to increase efficiency and improve your service. Build your customer 360 vision.


More than ever, customer satisfaction is an essential pillar of your business.

And because the cost of customer acquisition is far greater than creating loyalty, customer satisfaction can have a major impact on your company’s performance. It is also a key factor in your company’s image.

In today’s digital age, customer satisfaction can be measured using a vast array of sources, both from within your company (ad hoc studies, point-of-sale questionnaires, emails, etc.) and through other “independent” channels, such as social networks;

Marketing teams are increasingly on the lookout for solutions that offer a global view and are centralized, scalable and allow them to identify weak signals.


  • An effective tool needs to be capable of aggregating data that is increasingly varied and comes from multiple sources. The goal is to deliver a global, shared vision of customer satisfaction.
  • Data centralization is not generally undertaken directly at the source and therefore requires reprocessing. This task is time-consuming, has low-added value and can be a source of errors: data feeding therefore needs to be streamlined.

The ForePaaS solution

Get a 360° view of your customer satisfaction

With ForePaaS, you can:

  • Get a 360° view of your customer satisfaction by centralizing all your indicators, both internal (ad hoc studies, call center volume, etc.) and external (social networks, etc.)
  • Get a global view and correlate this information with other performance metrics (sales and financial KPI, etc.) from your ERP, CRM or other business solutions
  • Become more reactive by configuring your own alerts
  • Benefit from fully automated data feeding
  • Create and deploy customized, scalable solutions in record time
  • Upgrade your solution with new data sources, new processing procedures and artificial intelligence algorithms

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