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Machine Learning Cockpit

Measure your customer engagement and brand performance on the web and social networks to optimize the performance of your digital ecosystem


Understand and manage digital performance

From web sites and web-to-store to social networks, app stores and tracking links, there is a wealth of powerful digital tools out there. And they can all be used to address the key challenges of your company: brand awareness, service visibility, value propositions, customer relations, promotional activities, and more. The trend towards digital continues to grow: in 2017, it became the biggest media expense, representing 36.7% of companies’ media budgets (a 13% increase year-on-year). This trend throws up a new challenge: the volume of data and the diversity of sources and formats that need processing is unprecedented.  


Challenges of collection, cross-referencing, reprocessing of heterogenous data

  • Data is both scattered and in silos. The result is a poor return on digital investments and no global vision of your company’s activities.
  • Solutions may deliver value within specific areas but are limited on a large scale. How can you have an overarching vision while catering for the specificities of Business Units and/or countries?
  • Processes for connecting different sources are not standardized. Managing data manually is impossible given the need to follow thousands of accounts worldwide for all subsidiaries and competitors.
  • An already complex situation is further complicated by the need for security and confidentiality.
  • Raw data needs to be reprocessed to answer the specific needs of a particular division, department or group within the business, depending on its area of activity.
  • Finally, the analysis, correlation studies and cross-referencing of valuable data often relies on manually centralizing information, notably through the use of spreadsheets. This approach has many limitations: it is relatively inefficient, carries a high risk of errors and entails poor security.
Because of the combined challenges of multiple data sources and formats and the particularly innovative nature of the technological environment, the design and development of a tool that automatically centralizes digital assets is time-consuming, complex and investment-heavy.


Towards a better digital marketing efficiency

Take back control of your data and optimize your investments with ForePaaS' platform, in order to:
  • Centralize thousands of digital assets from hundreds of different suppliers, even if they’re split across dozens of subsidiaries around the world
  • Fully automate data processing for your digital cockpit
  • Boost your teams’ autonomy by creating tailored tools by country, by brand and by competitive environment
  • Optimize your investments and gain market share by using data processing algorithms to optimize your spending
  • Boost your business by using a single tool to correlate your digital sources with traditional performance indicators (ERP, panel tools, CRM, etc.)
  • Create and deploy tailored, streamlined solutions in record time
  • Optimize your solutions by adding new data sources, new processing techniques, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc.

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