Energy companion

The ForePaaS Energy & Utilities Companion Platform empowers large companies in Oil & Gas and Energy distribution to quickly create custom analytics applications


Large companies in Oil & Gas and Energy distribution need to quickly create custom analytics applications, in order to optimize resource management for internal and external customers:

  • Monetization of services beyond raw product
  • Stronger customer proximity and better customer success
  • Higher differentiation from competitors
  • Significant decrease of operating expenses


  • How to provide 20 000+ users with dedicated data analytics modules
  • How to to improve teams and customers operational efficiency

The ForePaaS Solution

ForePaaS has accomplished amazing results for companies in the Oil & Gas & Energy industry.

The platform includes:

  • Dashboarding tools to offer a consolidated view of inventory and consumption
  • Automated integration of industry news feeds
  • Implementation of calculation rules specific to the energy market
  • Decision-making support on energy purchases
  • Early detection of consumption anomalies and frauds
  • Real-time monitoring of on-site consumption via IoT sensors

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