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Energy Companion

Empowering large companies in Oil & Gas and Energy distribution to bring to production custom analytics applications for better energy performance and positive environmental impact


High consumption rates and budget pressure

For many industrial operators, fuel, oil and lubricant consumption is a major expense. Other significant costs include electricity consumption and CO2 production. In the mining industry, for example, a fleet of trucks travelling between the excavation site and the processing area can use hundreds of millions of liters in fuel. It's therefore no wonder that controlling and optimizing these consumption rates has become a concern for many companies.As digitization disrupts the whole value chain and helps new actors to emerge on the market, large traditional companies in Oil & Gas and Energy need to quickly improve their service offerings for internal and external clients to make them more customized and innovative. This also goes with building personalized analaytical applications dedicated to energy management. Goals are numerous:
  • Monetization of services beyond raw product
  • Stronger customer proximity and better customer success
  • Higher differentiation from competitors
  • Significant decrease of operating expenses and energy consumptions


Right data for the right usage

The challenges are numerous, especially in a context of strong competition, an ever-changing market and budgetary pressure:
  • Relevant data is often fragmented and heterogeneous, coming from different systems (ERP, IoT, OEMs, FSM ...)
    • Data produced by industrial systems
    • Data from IoT sensors
    • Data from the vehicles themselves
  • They thus require extensive reprocessing work in order to be exploited.
  • Issues are often the same from one client to another, but the needs are very specific depending on their strategic and economic priorities.
It is also necessary to take into account the scalability of the services created, since it often involves equipping a large mass of users with dedicated data analytics modules, in order to improve the operational performance of teams and / or customers.


One platform for all your energy consumption challenges

ForePaaS has accomplished amazing results for companies in the Oil & Gas & Energy industry.The platform includes:
  • Dashboarding tools to offer a consolidated view of inventory and consumption
  • Automated integration of industry news feeds
  • Implementation of calculation rules specific to the energy market
  • Decision-making support on energy purchases and identification of potential savings
  • Early detection of consumption anomalies and frauds
  • Real-time monitoring of on-site consumption via IoT sensors

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