The New ForePaaS DMV4 Release Is Here!

The New ForePaaS DMV4 Release Is Here!

DMV4 has a brand-new interface and is full of new cool features!

The ForePaaS Data Manager is an important component of the ForePaaS Platform. DMV4 is the first component you will use to build your Data Analytics and Machine Learning projects.

With this module you can:

  • Connect to your data sources.
  • Analyze your metadata.
  • Set-up ForePaaS Blueprint rules to clean your data.
  • Organize your databases for Data Analytics and Machine Learning.
  • Work in collaboration with your team members using filtered views as per your project requirements.

Let’s look at some of the new DMV4 features.


DMV4 welcome screen


The first thing you’ll notice when using the new Data Manager DMV4, is the new friendly welcome screen focused on helping you get started and learn more about the features.


Welcome to your data manager

DMV4 Welcome Screen


DMV4 overview dashboard


From the new DMV4 overview dashboard, you can now see:

  • All your connected sources, per source type in a new graphical format.
  • A new heat map showing your source connection history and status.
  • A new storage dashboard showing you:
    • Number of tables and attributes created.
    • Volume of data stored per database and per storage engine.
  • A new execution dashboard with:
    • Data model build history.
    • Query history.
    • Other vital execution data.
  • The latest ForePaaS Jobs executed and ForePaaS Blueprints created.


DMV4 Overview Dashboard

New Overview Dashboard


DMV4 sources window


 The sources window has been updated so you can:

  • Organize your sources into folders.
  • Easily see your source types with slick informative icons.
  • Intuitively configure your sources once chosen from the ForePaaS Store.
  • Easily drag and drop files from your source to your databases.


Your Data Sources

Data Sources Window


DMV4 analyze window

From the DMV4 analyze window you can preview and clean your sources data for data quality and control before loading it in your databases. You can:

  • View the metadata and attributes of your source files.
  • Deselect attributes so they don’t get added in your data.
  • Drag and drop files from your source to your databases.
  • A sample of your data.
  • Create ForePaaS Blueprint rules to process your data when loading it to your database.


Your Metadata Analyzer

Metadata Analyzer Screen 


DMV4 organize window


The DMV4 organize window has been totally revamped. You easily can toggle between a canvas view and a list view to better organize your data.

The canvas view is a visual interface that lets you edit your tables and build your data schemas. From there you can:

  • Modify the configuration of your tables, add attributes, add indexes.
  • Visualize your primary tables (prims) in blue.
  • Visualize your aggregate tables (marts) in orange.
  • Easily connect tables together (joins).
  • Set-up filtered views for different projects or team members.
  • Build just one table or only the ones in your own filtered view.
  • Easily undo or redo an activity.

Further, from the list view you can:

  • Manage your ML tables and virtual attributes.
  • Organize your unstructured data with buckets and folders.


Your Data Organizer

Data Organizer Screen


You can further explore the new DMV4 here.


Or, try the ForePaaS Platform for free and let us know how you like the new ForePaaS Data Manager!


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