ForePaaS Wins Silicon Award in Big Data Category #SIAFR2018

The Silicon Innovation Awards (# SIAFR2018) celebrate the technological solutions and applications that carry the keys to the evolution and transformation of companies and organizations, and hence of our society.

During these awards, a jury of 20 professionals, tech profiles, from companies and institutions, have to deliberate on innovative quality and breaking business cases and solutions that are presented to them in the following areas: :

  • SILICON Cloud: Award for the best professional cloud application.
  • SILICON GDPR: Price of the best solution for RGPD compliance.
  • SILICON IOT: Price of the most innovative professional connected object or device.
  • SILICON Industry 4.0: Award for the best industrial use of IOT technologies, robotics, 3D.
  • SILICON Digital Security: Award for the best security solution for new environments (cloud, IOT).
  • SILICON Artificial Intelligence: Award of the best innovation in Artificial Intelligence.
  • SILICON Big Data: Award for the best platform for massive data exploitation.
  • SILICON Networks: Price of the best network convergence solution.
  • SILICON Workspace: Award for the best technical solution for the evolution of professional spaces.
  • SILICON Smart cities: Award for the best solution for the city, housing and connected transport.
  • SILICON Mobility: Price of the technical solution improving the mobility of professionals.
  • SILICON D’OR: Grand Prix, Selection of the Jury, from the winners of each of the other Prizes.

Congratulations to winners announced by category for 2018 :

  • SILICON CLOUD : Outscale
  • SILICON GDPR : Values Associates
  • SILICON IOT : Casky
  • SILICON IA : Skillogs
  • SILICON BIG DATA : Forepaas
  • SILICON NETORKS: Limelight
  • SILICON SMART CITIES : Dassault Systèmes
  • SILICON MOBILITY : Sea Bubbles
  • SILICON D’OR : Parade/E-Vone