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Daniel Myers from Snowflake interviews Paul Sinaï, CEO and Co-Founder of ForePaaS. Paul talks about ForePaaS the company, and the ForePaaS Platform,  a fully automated ML orchestration platform delivered as-a-service and built on Snowflake.


Discover how Paul Sinaï describes the ForePaaS Platform, a unified cloud-native ML platform built on Snowflake.


Tell me about yourself and your background


Hi Daniel! Thank you for inviting me on this Snowflake program. In one of my previous jobs, I used to migrate companies’ applications from on-premise to the Cloud, using mainly AWS and VMWare. These included applications like websites, eCommerce apps, and mobile app. I worked with engineers who were very good at managing the data, but didn’t know how to deploy the applications on cloud infrastructures.” Paul Sinaï


Business users came to me with their business requirements, and had to translate them into technical requirements. We built the extraction, the transform and load rules, organized the data and defined how the information would be consumed, either through APIs or WebApps. Even though the use-cases were different, the IT problems were always the same: How to make the system scale and how to make the whole solution secure. I needed to reconfigure the SSO, and make sure these applications would work on any cloud.” Paul Sinaï


We wanted to guarantee that the applications I created on one provider could be deployable on any other cloud. And on top of that, I needed to make sure that the end-users were not exposed to the technical complexities. After doing many projects like this, I came with the idea of building an orchestration platform that could deal with any business requirements, and deploy these solutions on any cloud.” Paul Sinaï


A bit on ForePaaS


Our customers include Global 500 companies, with many types of users, including data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and developers, and thousands of end-users using the web applications build by the ForePaaS Platform. Each customer manages several projects. These include different types of analytics and AI use-cases across several industries, oil & gas, energy transportation, construction, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain. In April of last year we joined the Snowflake partner program, and are very excited about this.” Paul Sinaï


The ForePaaS unified end-to-end platform helps companies create and operationalize repeatable Machine Learning and Analytics projects on any cloud at any scale the easy way – without adding pressure on your teams, with no technological complexities, without sacrificing enterprise requirements and within your budget.” Paul Sinaï


What are some of your key goals and initiatives in your role?


We’re seeing a growing demand for multi-cloud Machine Learning platforms, and a desperate need for a fast time to value. We’re focused on filling this need, and acquiring more customers and partners as we prepare our next funding round.” Paul Sinaï


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