Takenaka Offers Healthier and Smarter Buildings Solutions with ForePaaS

Takenaka Offers Healthier and Smarter Buildings Solutions with ForePaaS

What is Smart Buildings Technology? Takenaka uses data, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to advance building comfort, improve air circulation, reduce COVID-19 transmissions, and achieve optimal energy savings. Learn about Facilities Management Solutions.


Smart Buildings Solutions – The Takenaka Corporation. The Takenaka Building Communication System (BCS), serves as a data platform and single source of truth to connect to a multitude of facilities control systems and to remotely manage building appliances through an application on the cloud. Takenaka can conveniently visualize buildings’ energy consumption, control individual lighting and air conditioning settings, optimize the comfort and well-being of their occupants, and better control costs using AI.


Takashi Kasuya, Chief Engineer at the Takenaka ICT Engineering Division shares more information about Takenaka Corporation, and the BCS facilities management solution for smarter buildings.


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Takenaka Corporation – ICT Engineering Department


  • Takenaka Corporation is a construction company that carries out contracting, designing, and engineering for construction. The company started business in 1610, and was formally established in 1899. From its beginnings on shrines and temples, Takenaka now works on the construction of many projects. ICT(Information Communication Technologies) Engineering  Division is a specialist center within Takenaka that provides information engineering services. Whilst originally focusing on designing network infrastructure and providing support for designing data centers, the rise of ‘smart buildings’ has meant that supporting projects of sophisticated buildings using IoT and Cloud technologies has become the norm.

  • There are many benefits that come from smart buildings. For instance, IoT can be used to improve comfort; AI can be used to achieve optimal energy savings; and even circulation management can be optimized to reduce COVID-19 transmission. But, all of these services, such as building control, IoT, cloud systems must all be flawlessly integrated using expert knowledge of ICT and building infrastructure.

  • ICT Engineering Division is developing new technologies to meet these changing customer needs, and also performs activities to install the services into the buildings.


Building Communication System (BCS) – Smart Buildings Solution


  • BCS is a data platform designed using the know-how obtained from these activities. Various Building Control systems can be linked to an application on the cloud and then those appliances can be safely controlled remotely. We are able to achieve energy visualization, individual lighting and air conditioning control, and appliance control all through using AI owing to the capabilities of BCS.


How are you using ForePaaS – Smart Buildings Technology ?


  • Owing to data from our building of Takenaka Research & Development Institute, we have been able to link BCS with the ForePaaS API. Furthermore, we are developing a Digital-Twin-Application which will utilize data from the BIM(Building Information Modeling) building database to map sensor values in a 3D visualization model.


What was your impression of ForePaaS during the pilot?


  • This time, it took some time to prepare the data. However, I think it is incredible that we were able to go from API linkage to data analysis and visualization within a month. ForePaaS has the modules required for data analysis and visualization, and we are also able to re-use the programs we developed. So we can create the system very quickly, I think.

  • Furthermore, we also believe that the ease of data linkage using the BCS API is a great success. We also have greater visibility over the data processing workflow, which we believe has improved availability and ease of management.


What are the next steps for BCS and ForePaaS?


  • We aim to continue to use the success of ForePaaS as an analysis platform to develop solutions for smart buildings. For example, in addition to data visualization, we would also like to utilize our own analysis algorithms and location information to perform predictions and simulations. We are considering to package this as a service for smart buildings.

  • We also wish to promote open innovation through collaborating with partners who are utilizing ForePaaS for technical analysis, and hope to work with people from various industries to work together on new business opportunities.


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