“Profit Lift” Customer Retention Strategy

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Customer Retention Strategy: discover how the “Profit Lift” data-driven approach optimise your ROI


More than ever, it is paramount to understand your customers and offer them the best experience to secure their loyalty. Churn reporting and modelling is an excellent data-driven way of tackling customer retention.

Unfortunately, this does not always mean that retention initiatives are profitable for your company.

  • How to make sure that you target the customers that you can retain?
  • How do you generate added value by addressing profitable customers?
  • How to optimise the ROI of your retention campaigns

The Profit Lift framework has been created at the Rotterdam University by defining a profit-based loss function which predicts the financial impact of a retention initiative.

The Profit Lift methodology ensures you target the right customer at the right time with the right offer.

The Profit Lift allows to iteratively optimise your customer retention strategy in an agile way that is result-oriented, based on three pillars:

  • Churn Modelling
  • Retention Profiling
  • Customer Valuation

In this 30-minute session, we will present you these three components, how the Profit Lift framework can eventually help you get the most out of your retention campaigns and how you can start the journey with concrete actions and appropriate tooling.

You will have the opportunity to exchange with

  • Christophe Robyns, Managing Partner and Chief Data Scientist at Agilytic
  • Aurélie Lemmens, Associate Professor Of Marketing at RSM Erasmus University
  • François Vaillant, Chief Customer Officer at ForePaaS

For whom

  • For Marketing executives, Customer Journey managers or any other individual eager to optimise the customer retention strategy of their company
  • If you want to tackle the retention question in a data-driven and pragmatic approach
  • If you want to show that the “keep is the new get” motto is still valuable and can be associated with very positive ROI.

Three reasons to participate

  • Discover how retention can be optimised from theory to practice, with concrete examples
  • Understand that the way to maximise the retention ROI is progressive and can already start today, regardless of where you currently are within your organisation
  • Realise that the appropriate tooling exists to support the required activities leading towards an optimised retention strategy

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