Create your APIs and create your applications

  • Create your APIs and create your applications

Your API Studio

Included on the platform, you’ll find your own API studio. This unique tool is provided for you to build APIs tailored to your business needs. You can develop APIs in your programming language of choice, including our Node.js SDK.

Looking for a standard solution? Or maybe you need an API urgently? Go to our store and customize one of our pre-built APIs. You can use data from your business systems or from third-party tools.
The different modules can manage caching, user authentication and ACLs without the need for authentication systems like SSO, SAML or oAuth2.

Your Applications studio

Just as you might use a CMS for web development, you can use ForePaaS to build your own dashboards using our Angular or React JS SDKs. Or you can save time by going straight to our store and using a pre-built template, then customizing it as much as you like. You’ll be able to upgrade your portfolio in the future, whether it’s a shared solution with thousands of users or a real-time production management tool for your business.
With ForePaaS, you can speed up your business transformation by using tools we’ve designed for ease of integration and customization.

An integrated deployment environment

Every part of the SDK, from application templates to elements pre-built in our store, is integrated using continuous deployment tools. In just 2 clicks, the platform handles data compilation, testing and security, configures the load balancer, configures firewall levels, and automatically connects with authentication tools (whether they’re provided by ForePaaS or your company).

You’ll be able to boost your company’s innovation by offering “nonstop delivery” and “zero downtime” applications thanks to blue-green deployment. Using this approach, you can deploy the new version of an API or application in parallel to the current solution and switch versions in a fraction of a second. The upgrade will therefore have no negative impact on your users.

With the API stores and applications, you can build a range of solutions tailored for your community. These solutions cover any number of areas, including energy optimization, digital cockpits, customer satisfaction, IoT data mining, fraud detection, churn detection, etc.

With ForePaaS and its unique automated environment, you’ll speed up your operations, boost innovation, drive performance, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

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