Create your data workflows and industrialize your data science

Like to import, transform or load data into your environment without having to deal with transformation tools? Or extraction tools. And without having to check the quality and compliance of the data? Looking for an IT environment that’s both rapid and scalable, whether you’re handling CSV and Excel files or processing terabytes of streaming data?

With ForePaaS ETL, it’s simple to extract, transform and load your data into your automated storage environment. Use tasks and standard functions in the ForePaaS store; get transformation tasks using algorithms developed by others; or develop your own using the Python SDK.

ETL from ForePaaS is entirely written in Python and makes it easy to integrate your existing scripts and libraries. It also allows for horizontal scalability, whether you’re handling hundreds of data records or hundreds of millions.
The standard libraries let you focus on your needs, while data integration and processing is extremely fast and reliable.

You can apply a transformation or algorithm to your data using custom actions developed with or without the Python SDK supplied by ForePaaS.

Data Science

Streamline your Python-based data science models (other languages will soon be available). ForePaaS lets you deploy and continually optimize the algorithms designed by your teams of data scientists.
If you’ve developed algorithms in data science studios, you can import and execute these models in ForePaaS and then go live with them. This means you keep ownership of your algorithm and you’ll be the only one benefiting from it.

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