Deploy the environment of your choosing

With ForePaaS, you can choose the runtime and storage environments you need for your data. Looking for hosting in France by a European company? Deploy your environment in our OVH clusters. Busy rationalizing your IT environments using AWS? Deploy everything on our AWS clusters in a matter of seconds!

Whatever you choose, you’ll benefit from the same unique service and user experience. With ForePaaS, you don’t need to be an expert in API or cloud admin consoles. ForePaaS automates the entire process – from initial deployment to day-to-day operations.

Even better, the resources supplied by the cloud provider are included in your ForePaaS subscription. Which means you don’t need to lose valuable time negotiating contracts or dealing with a sales team.

We offer a range of hosting locations with different cloud providers. So, feel free to get in touch for more details.

Automating the deployment process

With ForePaaS, your environment is deployed in a matter of minutes. Our robots automatically configure:

  • DNS servers so your applications and API can communicate together
  • Networking and routing so your environment is accessible and scalable
  • Firewalls to ensure the security of your environment without the complexity of microservice architecture.

The use of big data tools such as databases, object stores and algorithm execution environments like Apache Spark are automatically deployed and managed in line with your needs.

When there’s an upgrade, the migration and integration of new technology is fully automated and managed by the platform. This means you can begin with a small amount of data in flat files, operating manually. An API and drop zone interface are all that’s needed to start up your project.
New features for your application? The platform is evolving towards streaming with an automatic feed. The system automatically deploys tools to continuously manage your data flow.

Cloud Management

Managing microservices and containers means handling complex technology and undertaking multiple tasks. But that need not concern you. With ForesPaaS, you benefit from cutting-edge architecture without having to manage complex systems.

By managing your infrastructures within a cloud, you’ll be able to better navigate across dozens of different services. Services like running a PaaS with a big data cluster, configuring networks for multi-datacenter replications, or establishing a multi-tenant architecture per project – all of which require deployment and maintenance by a team of skilled experts. With ForePaaS, every aspect of such complex infrastructures – from networks to applications – is managed automatically. By standardizing every layer of infrastructure management, ForePaaS delivers a unique environment and user experience, whatever kind of infrastructure you choose.

Hybrid Cloud

There are multiple reasons to host your IT environment: compliance, confidentiality, security or to capitalize on current investments. Another reason? To get better results from your mission-critical applications. ForePaaS can be deployed in your factory for a greater impact on your assembly line.

This means you can benefit from the same experience, automation and management services as if you were a cloud provider yourself. ForePaaS automates the deployment and management of all the different layers (network, system, application) from its cloud platform while keeping data storage and computing within your environment. Which means your data never goes beyond your firewall.

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