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ForePaaS is more than a data warehouse. It looks after all the logistics of your data, from storing them as raw data to serving as a data mart, allowing you to expose them to applications or APIs. ForePaaS optimizes and automates the management of underlying technologies.

Data Warehouse

That means you no longer need to choose which type of database you need depending on the format, volume and speed of your data, and how you’re going to use it. Instead, you can focus on organizing, using and enriching your data. ForePaaS analyses the metadata and selects the database(s) that best match your needs. Then it automatically deploys, redeploys and configures those databases.

And if you need to upgrade your system, ForePaaS allows you to migrate your data from one database management system to another. The optimization and storage management of your physical data is automatically handled by our algorithms.

Another key element of any data project is ensuring compliance. With ForePaaS, you can define the rules to ensure all data entering the system is compliant. Create rules of replacement quickly and easily for all your day-to-day needs.
Want to make a field anonymous to comply with legal requirements? Simply mark the column as containing sensitive data to anonymize it.

Query Builder

The Query Builder is the interface for handling unique queries in real time within your storage environment. Query Builder works with any type of underlying data and any data model to deliver a unique interface that simplifies your access to data. You can prepare queries for your company’s applications and your APIs, set up alerts, etc.

Using a single point of access, you can manage all your applications and APIs while maintaining tight control of user rights and admin access. All queries and data use can be logged for audit, security or compliance monitoring needs.

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