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More than ever, customer satisfaction is an essential pillar of your business.And because the cost of acquiring a customer is far greater than that of keeping customers loyal, customer satisfaction can have a major impact on your company’s performance. It is also a key factor in your company’s image.In today’s digital age, customer satisfaction can be measured using a vast array of sources, both from within your company (ad hoc studies, point-of-sale questionnaires, emails, etc.) and through other “independent” channels, such as social networks;Marketing teams are increasingly on the lookout for solutions that offer a global view and are centralized, scalable and allow them to identify weak signals.


  • An effective tool needs to be capable of aggregating data that is increasingly varied and comes from multiple sources. The aim is to deliver a global, shared vision of customer satisfaction.
  • Data centralization is not generally undertaken directly at the source and therefore requires reprocessing. This task is time-consuming, has low added value and can be a source of errors: data feeding therefore needs to be streamlined.

The ForePaaS solution

Get a 360° view of your customer satisfactionWith ForePaaS, you can:
  • Get a 360° view of your customer satisfaction by centralizing all your indicators, both internal (ad hoc studies, call center volume, etc.) and external (social networks, etc.)
  • Get a global view and correlate this information with other performance indicators (sales and financial KPI, etc.) from your ERP, CRM or other business solutions
  • Become more reactive by configuring your own alerts
  • Benefit from fully automated date feeding
  • Create and deploy customized, scalable solutions in record time
  • Upgrade your solution with new data sources, new processing procedures and artificial intelligence algorithms

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