Customer segmentation

Create a tailored customer segmentation system by combining multiple data sources. Then use it in real time, connect it to other systems and boost your sales.


For many retailers, the ultimate goal is to customize promotional offers to improve their conversion rates. Consequently, they invest heavily in segmenting customer profiles as much as possible and sending out the right messages at the right time to the right people. But there’s much more to it than that.

  • How can you ensure your customer segmentation remains relevant over time?
  • How can you activate segmentation in real time to make it more efficient?
  • And, above all, how can you be sure your communications are coherent and relevant for each customer profile, while also accounting for the omnichannel dimension of the customer journey?
    The answers to these questions lie in:
  • Designing the best-adapted promotional offers for each customer in real time, whether they’re getting ready to pay in a store or on the web
  • Customizing offers to improve marketing efficiency in an omnichannel environment
  • Providing management with a tool for measuring the performance of promotional offers (by type of offer, by segment, by channel, etc.)
  • Ensuring the application is easy to upgrade, for example, by including features from a new coupon solution.


  • Data is heterogeneous and split across multiple silos, making it difficult to bring together
  • Existing solutions are often poorly adapted to your sector, as well as being complicated to implement and maintain
  • Your company’s architecture does not measure up to the necessary requirements for agility, design and integration
  • High volumes of data and spikes need to be handled.

The ForePaaS solution

Through its fully-automated microservices architecture, ForePaaS delivers exceptional scalability and customization to meet all today’s challenges.

  • Customize your tool by using your own business algorithms for made-to-measure customer segmentation
  • Deliver your data processing in API format for third-party solutions and as dashboards for line managers and senior management
  • Process your data in real time
  • Automate your data feeding sources
  • Design and scale out your tools in record time