About us

Who are we ?

ForePaaS brings together the worlds of data management and applications on a single platform.

At ForePaaS, we are convinced that the enterprise of tomorrow will be data-driven in the strict sense of the term. From production factories to strategic decision making, everything will be managed by algorithms. For that to happen, technological and scientific frameworks need to be created – but these can be extremely difficult to deploy and upgrade.

In other words, creating artificial intelligence is all well and good, but if you don’t give it arms, hands and legs, the information, decisions and actions it takes won’t go any further than a machine.

That’s why ForePaaS has developed factory automation to make your company truly data-driven.

ForePaaS has developed a platform that does not depend on the end consumer, a human or a machine Instead, it

  • handles every aspect, from extracting raw data at the source to retrieving the data,
  • automates the value chain to deliver ultra-fast design and deployment,
  • offers customization plug-ins at every step of the value chain to answer the specific needs of your business without the need to handle complex technology. This allows users to concentrate on the design of high value-added solutions.

Our story

Prototype of platform in a Parisian basement2013
2014First prospect (proof of concept)
Creation of ForePaaS and first customers in production2015
2016V2 of the platform and new references
Partnership with Cisco for our Hybrid Cloud offering
 V3 platform, fundraising, opening offices in US, 40 teammates2017

Our offices

Europe – France

8 rue des graviers
Neuilly sur Seine
+33 (1) 84 20 42 03

North-America – USA

2415 Third Street, Suite 231
San Francisco
+1 (415) 596 6045