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Let’s break silos and democratize data for everyone.

Who we are?

ForePaaS brings together Data Engineering, Data Science and Business Intelligence within a single platform.


At ForePaaS, we are convinced that the enterprise of tomorrow will be data-driven in its narrowest sense. From production factories to strategic decision making, everything will be managed by algorithms. For that to happen, technological and scientific frameworks need to be created – but these can be extremely difficult to deploy and upgrade. In other words, creating artificial intelligence is all well and good, but if you don’t give it arms, hands and legs, the information, decisions and actions it takes won’t go any further than a machine. That’s why ForePaaS has developed factory automation to make your company truly data-driven.ForePaaS has developed a platform that does not depend on the end consumer, a human or a machine. Instead, it:

  • Handles every aspect, from extracting raw data at the source to retrieving the data,
  • Automates the value chain to deliver ultra-fast design and deployment,
  • Offers customization plug-ins at every step of the value chain to answer the specific needs of your business without the need to handle complex technology.

This allows users to concentrate on the design of high value-added solutions.

Our story

Our team

Stéphane Véchot

Sales Development Representative

"While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters."

Marie Buhot Launay

Business Development Director

"How about a nice little dance? I'll grant you a wish."

Prophecy Dragon Egg

Cacao dragon & aspiring prophet

Anthony Da Mota

Front-End SWE

"I am Root!"

Vincent Gilles

Dev Ops

Paul Sinaï


Joris Jourdain


Antoine Bru

Data Scientist

"Let's invent the tools of for the data-driven age"

François Vaillant

Chief Customer Officer

Recep Agilonu

Administrative and financial manager

"There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity"

Emmanuel Clément

Audit & Security Manager

Teng Yu

Data Engineer

"Press #1 for English. Strong opinions, loosely held."

Thomas Trinelle

Data Product Manager

Julien Thiaw-Kine

Data Engineering SWE

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. "

Marie Agard

Product Marketing Manager

Antonis Paterakis

Front-end Developer

Ryadh Kherroub

Data Applications Expert

Arthur Rene


"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it."

Thomas Crochet

Front-End SWE

Guillaume du Bourguet

Project Manager

"Just your average travelling talkative geek."

Manuel Lemaire

Data Application Expert

Fabien Casoni

Data Engineering SWE

Quentin Madura

Data Application Expert

Charles Hutchison

Solutions Engineer

Christophe Ploujoux

Lead Data Engineering

"Words are wind. Flowcharts is the real stuff!"

Julien Genini

Lead Data Management

Charles Drappier

Lead Front End Developer

"To be able to finally focus on the value of data not just technology!"

François Hardouin

Director of Partners Development

Samuel You


"Startup Yoda from Paris"

Abdel Kander


"A course is 18 holes! Not one less"

Vincent Michel

Business Development Director

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

Guillaume Dos Santos

Network & IT Manager


Davy Ague

Lead DevOps

Our offices

North-America – USA1161 Mission StSan Francisco CA 94103USA+1 (415) 596 6045
Europe – France8 rue des GraviersNeuilly-sur-SeineFrance+33 (1) 84 20 42 03

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