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Real-time Analytics

What is Real Time Analytics? Forecasting on Real-time Data Sets and Monitoring Streaming Data for Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Machine Learning.

Gain insights on which you can act immediately to seize opportunities and prevent issues as soon as they arise with real-time Analytics and Machine Learning. ForePaaS enables organizations to reach operational excellence while identifying and correcting issues earlier. Get an integrated view of your operations in real-time. Identify and correct anomalies early and reach operational excellence.

Big Data and real-time analytics

You’ve identified several areas where your business could benefit from leveraging data for real-time analytics  – both in terms of optimizing your performance and creating a competitive advantage. The potential uses are numerous, including detecting fraud, monitoring energy consumption and boosting the efficiency of your production sites. Furthermore, the emergence of IoT is generating more and more data. Transforming this data into information and meaningful forecasts in near real-time has become critical. The time has come to implement solutions that leverage data in real-time.

Availability, processing and Big Data storage

  • In order to provide reliable information with real-time analytic, data must first be validated – and therefore cleaned. This can be a particularly tough task when it comes from multiple sources in different formats.
  • Processing this data in near real-time requires query optimization. This step is particularly important if the indicators required in the application must first undergo data aggregation.
Finally, the required processing power must be adapted to the volume of variable data. It must also be capable of handling peak loads.

An automated platform to support real-time analytics

Benefit from an end-to-end platform integrating all components required to process your data and bring to production your projects, designed to meet the highest standards of stability and availability:
  • Create custom alerts to boost your reactivity
  • Set up your data update cycle to meet your company’s needs
  • Work in a secure environment

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