A unique, automated platform that links applications and data management

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Monitoring Interface

This is where it all begins. Start by creating your environment with ForePaaS. This environment is called the DataPlant. In just a few seconds, ForePaaS deploys all the needed components without requiring any human action.


Create your actions to extract, transform, and load data, and import your algorithms. The management, the deployment and the scalability are all automated.

Data Warehouse

The intelligent Data Warehouse makes the data-management abstract. Organize your data, regardless of their sources, in a single logical data model queryable on a single point.

Machine Learning

Industrialize the Machine Learning algorithms that you have created, and capitalize on your data-science. Your data will enrich your models in real-time and will be able to create actions on your API’s or any other applications.

Data Mining

Plug-in your data-science tools to explore your data from the Data Warehouse.

Query Builder

Prepare your queries for all your applications in order to have a uniform interpretation in all your activity.

Team Management

Manage the access to the different modules for your IT, data-scientists and line of business within the platform.

Infra Monitoring

Manage in a glimpse the entirety of the resource consumption within your environment for all modules.


Make your data accessible to the line of business, through internal and external applications, and more.


Build a dashboard or any other application, from a model or using an SDK, without having to handle the deployments, the configurations, and the basic functionalities of applications. Focus on your specific needs.

Flexible and Scalable architecture

  • Cloud-native design

    Benefit from unlimited, scalable capacity. Your platform manages every aspect of your environment for you, from data management to applications – including upgrades.

  • Cloud agnostic

    Choose your cloud provider and the location of your data. Or opt for a hybrid cloud to host your own data while keeping things flexible and simple.

  • Micro Services Architecture

    Use architecture based on containers – and access all the services you need to deploy your environments in just a few seconds.

  • Cloud Management

    Stay focused on your business needs without wasting time on admin and infrastructure management. Your platform is self-managed and fully automated.

Main features

  • Connect with multiple data sources, whatever their format

    Mine all your data from internal, external and IoT sources. Manage your transformations and optimize the quality of your data.

  • Fast, easy deployment on the infrastructure of your choice

    All the different elements are deployed automatically without the need for advanced configuration.

  • Simplify data queries through data model abstraction

    Through data virtualization, you can handle all your queries from a single interface – making development faster and easier.

  • Automated data processing

    Create a fully customized dashboard, application or API for your data without having to develop new code.


Deploy the environment of your choice

Deploy the environment of your choice

Choose any public cloud supplier you like (Azure, AWS, Google, OVH, etc.) or opt for a hybrid cloud deployment (Cisco).

Then simply define the size of your environment and choose the isolation mode.

In just a few seconds, the platform will deploy, configure and connect with all the services you need for your project: databases, ETL, load balancer, application firewall, proxy services, applications manager, DNS configuration and user authentication.

Hundreds of operations are automated to create your environment simply and quickly.

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Prepare your data workflow

Prepare your data workflow and optimize your data science

By creating actions for loading, transforming and importing your algorithms, you’ll be able to manage powerful workflows within the ETL module.

Import your own libraries to integrate a machine-learning algorithm, for example, or use our Python SDK to fully customize your algorithm.

Use connectors or the option to parallelize solution processing and automate your data-quality tasks.

Automate your transformations and loading in a fully customizable, scalable environment.

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Organize your data

Organize your data

First, add your data sources. Those sources may be internal (databases, business systems, big data clusters, flat files, etc.), external (API, web servers, S3, etc.) or from IoT.

Next, your data is organized in a logical way – without you having to manage any databases. Our data warehouse intelligently optimizes the organization of your data according to its speed, variety and volume – without any need for you to get involved.

Then prepare complex queries for your business needs or for application developers. That way, you’ll have a single repository for all your company’s data.

Get all the tools you need on a single platform.

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Create your APIs and build your applications

Create your APIs and build your applications

Deploy APIs to feed your dashboards and your applications developed in ForePaaS or elsewhere. Or communicate in real time with other APIs in response to your data and data science models.

With our SDKs, you can customize your API and your applications without any need for redevelopment: simply use a model in our store and develop your own application using the modules we’ve designed to cover all common development tasks.

Then manage the continuous deployment cycle without any need for configuration. ForePaaS comes with modern development tools and automates every task (blue-green deployment, horizontal scalability in one click, etc.).

By offering unlimited customization, ForePaaS brings the agility of the web to the world of data.

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Manage your users

  • Authentication management is centralized (no need to repeat the authentication procedure for each API or application)
  • ForePaaS works with all major corporate identity management systems (Active Directory, OpenAM, etc.)
  • Access Control Lists (ACL) can be tightly controlled: you decide what each user can access
  • The onboarding process is handled by ForePaaS (welcome emails, registration interface)
  • Groups can be managed by expertise, department, etc.

Oversee your environments

  • Easy-to-use central management of resources
  • Detailed view of your usage of the main services
  • Possibility to increase capacity in a few clicks – without extra configuration
  • Simple to carry out compliance checks

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