A trusted place to put data in order

You focus on the business, we handle the technical complexity

Storage systems

More than a simple data warehouse

Stay focused on your data organization, usage and enrichment instead of its format, volume or speed.
ForePaaS analyzes metadata and selects databases that best match your needs, before automatically deploying and configuring them.


Flexible object storage for your data

An alternative method for storing data on ForePaaS is to leverage our Data Store to manage and distribute massive data sets, whatever its type and nature, whether it is structured or unstructured like images and documents. Create buckets and drop in any kind of file via our dropzone.

Smart optimization

Organize your logical model without managing the database engine

User-friendly interface

A single, straightforward and accessible access point to manage apps and APIs

Easy upgrade

Increase disk size, i.e. the allocated storage capacity on-demand

Multi-base query engine

Query creation made easy

Prepare queries for your applications and APIs, configure alerts with any type or model using a multi-base proprietary framework. The drag-and-drop interface enables a low-code approach. Pre-visualize the result of your queries immediately via column, area, pie, etc. representations.


Design business-ready queries

ForePaaS provides a single entry point to prepare and maintain in a single location all queries matching your business needs in real-time. All results are stored in cache, enabling you to display dashboards and your queries’ answers in record time.

Manage version control

Create different versions of a query in order to iterate efficiently, without affecting your production environment. Simplify collaboration in your team, restore previous versions, or understand events more easily.



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