Analytics Manager

Modern querying and data visualization for enterprise self-service analytics.

  • Unlimited Users & Apps


    Query data from anywhere using SQL, joining heterogeneous sources at Big Data scale with unmatched performances.

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    Empower all teams to visualize datasets and drill-down on results using a fully no-code visual query builder.

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    Create handsome charts and dashboards, and publish them to share key insights with your team in real-time.

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    Bring your own BI and applications and plug them to the distributed query engine using a standardized interface.

Who is this for?

Business Analysts

Share consolidated KPIs visually with managers using published dashboards

Data Analysts

Explore data from any source in SQL and answer questions about how your business is doing

Data Engineers

Run queries to check the status of data insertions and updates in your data warehouse

Analytics Manager features

Spin-up a distributed querying cluster

The entire service is powered at its core by a dedicated query engine which can be scaled to handle queries of any size, from megabytes to dozens of terabytes. Based on the open-source query technology Trino, a fork of PrestoSQL, your query engine is distributed: a query plan is automatically designed for each execution by the engine to split the workload across all the workers of your cluster. Ensure minimal-to-no downtime on your production analytics applications by balancing both read and write queries in a robust and scalable query cluster.


Query and join data from anywhere

Analytics Manager lets you query data from any of 15+ compatible connectors. Join heterogenous data sources on the fly in a single query to avoid the hassle of having to load and duplicate data in different environments. A visual query builder allows to explore data, group metrics, filter them and order them in an intuitive interface. The engine automatically detects the most relevant database/table to query based on the requested metrics. Data analysts can also interact with a SQL editor to fire any query using ANSI-standard SQL on compatible data sources.

Enable data storytelling with handsome dashboards

Empower everyone in your company to create point-and-click dashboards with modular tiles, dynamic filter parameters, embedded stories, and a catalog of rich visualizations allowing to render KPIs using 8+ customizable types of charts. Wear your company’s color scheme as the color palette of your dashboards. Drill-down on charts in order to filter them or break them out further. ForePaaS version control system ensures that you keep your production dashboards always available while you are iterating on a newer development version.


Publish dashboards securely and at scale

Publish dashboards live and share a read-only link for viewers to access data in real-time. Users can keep a live dashboard up 24/7 on a big screen in their office, or log in on laptop or mobile for adhoc monitoring. All accesses to the live dashboards are authenticated and authorized through ForePaaS Identity Access Manager — this includes support for Advanced Data Access Control (ADAC) to restrict data access based on roles.

Viewers have access to a live portal to navigate among all of their dashboards, without ever opening the main ForePaaS console. Exporting data from queries or dashboards in multiple formats (CSV, etc..) is always an option for interoperability with other tools.

Plug-in external consumers to your query engine

Plug external BI consumers such as PowerBI to the query engine of Analytics Manager so people can access tables and queries from outside ForePaaS, and replace Analytics Manager’s self-service dataviz with their own. Benefit from ForePaaS’ production-grade computing abilities while keeping your end-user analytics on the BI vendor already provided by your company. Monitor the history of query executions from all origins, watching and troubleshooting the status and duration of execution.


Smart optimization

Organize your logical model without managing the database engine

User-friendly interface

A single, straightforward and accessible access point to manage apps and APIs

Easy upgrade

Increase disk size, i.e. the allocated storage capacity on-demand

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