Automate data transformation

Prepare data for trusted answers at speed with our built-in orchestrator

Prepare your data pipeline

Unlock datasets to solve business challenges

Flip the 80/20 data prep rule. Don’t waste any more time and use the ForePaaS’ orchestrator to manage complex transformation, extraction, or loading processes for small or massive amounts of data.
Easily extract metadata and ensure data coming from anywhere is consistent with your exploitation goals thanks to data quality management rules.



average weekly time perceived as wasted for data preparation

Source: IDC, February 2019


of data experts feel dissatisfied about the way data is prepared for analytics

Source: Data Preparation CXP Group, 2017


of data workers feel they spend too much time on data preparation

Source: IDC, February 2019

Combine and execute workloads


Define and orchestrate workflows

Make the most out of our orchestrator’s drag-and-drop experience to define, sequence and schedule jobs and resource management with workers you can control as needed to scale appropriately.
A user-friendly tree view enables you to visualize and execute your plan, without requiring deep technical knowledge.

Create and customize actions

Build actions for aggregation, extraction, loading, clearance, and metadata updates from pre-built templates, or deep-dive into JSON configuration files to further customize specific ETL actions.
Leverage the power of segmentation to parallelize tasks and accelerate processing. Use our perimeter option to include or exclude data points beyond a given perimeter.


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