ForePaaS automates the creation and scales your cloud environment for you.

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Numerous clouds, one experience

ForePaaS believes in empowering users with the capacity to deploy data projects anywhere they want and to have the freedom to move their data around at any time. That’s why we’ve developed our platform to be multi-cloud, for enhanced flexibility and independence regarding providers. ForePaaS offers a user experience that it is always the same regardless of the cloud provider you choose.

Do you prefer to stay in full control of your data and ensure in-house security? Opt for our on-premise or hybrid services to deploy successfully.


Bringing state-of-the-art to enterprise

Using a container-based micro-service architecture enables you to scale up or down any services within the platform, providing fine-grained control to manage your compute resource at will for any tests or iterations.

Since our beginning, we’ve chosen to specialize in the use of Kubernetes cluster management services, and we’ve been among the early adopters of Docker containers in Europe. Why? Because we are deeply convinced by the benefits of cloud-native infrastructure in terms of resilience, flexibility, and automation.


Scale instantly, as you need

Need to upgrade your environment to handle increased load without downtimes? ForePaaS’ scalable system keeps your services up and running during peak times, scaling when you need to. Beat data gravity and shift large amounts of data from a cloud provider to the other easily, as migration and integration of new technologies are fully automated and managed by the platform.


Meet the ForePaaS Cloud Management Platform

ForePaaS has built its own Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to allow clients to reach an optimal level of security and independence. All data projects built on ForePaaS are therefore remotely managed by a single tool to help centralize the control of various cloud-based deployed infrastructures. Each environment is thus contained, autonomous, and secured. Its information is accessible by you, and only you.


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