Control Center

Monitor metrics, logs and alerts for all your services.

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    Get full visibility into your components' and jobs executions' performance and metrics in the past or in real-time.

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    React proactively

    Get alerted anywhere in case of system failures, failed executions, downtime or any other issue to your production environment.

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    Store, search and analyze the logs produced by your ForePaaS environments.

Who is this for?

IT Administrator

See across data pipelines, applications, and infrastructure elements to scale them as needed.

Project Manager

Get full observability on past and future events in the project setting up alerts to anticipate issues.

Data Engineer

Use metrics and logs to troubleshoot data processing workflows and ML pipelines.

Control Center features


In-depth monitoring for proactive maintenance

With ForePaaS Control Center, benefit from laser-sharp monitoring features and get detailed feedback on what is happening in terms of CPU, memory, storage, network usage and more. Use service-specific dashboards to monitor infrastructure metrics so you can anticipate and detect performance issues on deployed production-critical components. Request the metrics from any date, dating back to 13 months ago or more, to ensure your data system always remains auditable and compliant.

Alerting done right

Configure alerts to get notifications on performance problems for specific components, such as jobs failure, health checks or high CPU/memory usage. Fine-tune trigger conditions and get notified to take action as soon as issues arise. Plug your own incident management tool to ForePaaS Control Center and receive alerts directly in your usual environment.


Get full visibility into your jobs

Audit and track your job executions, from data processing workloads to AI training tasks, all from a single centralized location. Organize by adhoc and scheduled executions to get reports on success and failed jobs as well as detailed feedback like execution logs and CPU/RAM usage evolution. This Central also gives a view on all the triggers that have been scheduled across all services, so that you always know what is happening in both the past and the future of your project.

Analyze and explore detailed logs for rapid troubleshooting

ForePaaS Control Center’s high-performance log query engine allows to monitor terabytes of metrics at scale — to ensure your observability abilities are always aligned with your project’s size. Explore all the logs exported by your job executions or live deployments across the whole platform in one central tool for on-the-spot troubleshooting. For each resource in your project, watch current activity in real-time or drill-down on past logs on the timeframe of your choice. Export logs from any timeframe to share with team members.


On-demand scaling and dynamic allocation of clients resources

ForePaaS services scale on-demand and the platform allocates resources dynamically depending on your requirements. Any PoC project can therefore be operationalized in a couple of clicks. You can then adjust the performance of your applications, deployments and APIs on demand in ForePaaS Control Center by increasing or reducing their computing power.

Laser-sharp monitoring

Audit and track your components, infra services and apps all from a single location

End-user satisfaction

Anticipate and detect performance issues on deployed user-facing components

On-demand resizing

Fine-tune computation power allocated to each service

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