In-depth monitoring for proactive maintenance

Get full visibility into your components’ performance

Modern infrastructure monitoring

In-context logs

Explore and download all your logs for on-the-spot troubleshooting. For each deployed component, application or API, get a detailed overview of what is happening in terms of FPU, CPU, memory storage and volume of data processed (in/out).


Alerting done right

Configure alerts to get notifications of performance problems for specific components, such as health checks, high processing or storage levels, or query output monitoring. Fine-tune trigger conditions and get notified to take action as soon as issues arise.

Right access to the right people

Monitor and provision the level of access required to users inside your organization or end-users accessing APIs and applications deployed on ForePaaS. Interconnect with any external directory by activating an SSO to automate and streamline access control.


Laser-sharp monitoring

Audit and track your components, infra services and apps all from a single location

End-user satisfaction

Anticipate and detect performance issues on deployed user-facing components

On-demand resizing

Fine-tune computation power allocated to each service

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