Scalable Data Projects

Easily set up and deploy advanced machine learning or analytics

Features highlight

4 different layers of automation tailored for a smooth and versatile experience

Development Environment
Data Management
Data Science
Access Control
Extensive user access control for the platform and the end-user application
Switch to Advanced Mode to see what’s under the hood, at any step
Integration with code repositories
Upload your code, leverage existing APIs or use our own to access DataPlants
Application builder
Develop and manage the deployment of your dream app with an easy drag-and-drop interface
API Manager
Publish and manage configuration of custom APIs without writing a single line of code
Versioning control
Manage applications in production with blue/green deployment
Data Collection
Collect information from any sources, formats or technologies
Data Quality
Apply data quality rules and check the effect without running ETL actions
Data Virtualization
Leverage a level of abstraction between the logical model and queries available
Data Governance
Transactions are tracked and logged to allow for a complete audit trail if needed
ETL Orchestrator
Schedule and orchestrate your data flows and integrate custom python actions
Performance Control
Optimize the performance of ETL actions with advanced segmentation & perimeter options
Notebooks Instances
Deploy notebook instances and leverage built-in integrations to connect with other components like the Data Manager, Data Processing Engine and ML orchestrator
Model Management
Use existing models from industry-standard frameworks or your own work to publish models in production
Deployment Automation
Deploy in one click any model by exporting it as new DPE actions to run predictions in batch or API external endpoints
Framework Integrations
Choose among popular frameworks to set up your production environments with all necessary system requirements and code libraries
We take care of the machinery. All pieces of code can be run without setting up a server
On-demand scaling and dynamic allocation of clients resources
Get actionable notifications to react on time when things are down
Analyze and explore detailed logs for rapid troubleshooting
Simplify your cloud journey and migrate workloads to any cloud thanks to DataPlant templates

Data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and project leaders work together

The ForePaaS Platform provides your team with the automaton and the latest toolset to build, deploy and scale data applications

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