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No user license to scale data projects without blowing up budgets

You are a data scientist, engineer or software developer, the perfect way to start launching AI experiments in production: self-served & affordable.

$99   7 days Free Trial

/month (starting at)

  • Pay-as-you-go compute (FPU)

  • 50GB Storage included

  • 1 Dataplant included

  • Standard Data Management engine

  • Unlimited Users, Sources & Apps

Billed monthly or annually
Advanced features for mid-sized organizations with lots of data projects and long running production applications with high scalability and high performances.


/month (starting at)

  • 8 FPUs/month included

  • 250GB Storage included

  • 2 Dataplants included

  • Premium Data Management engine

  • Advanced security options

Billed monthly or annually
Company wide plans for collaborative projects, robust dedicated features and high security requirements for your IT & data teams.


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  • 32 FPUs/month included

  • 1 TB Storage included

  • Unlimited Dataplants

  • Bring your own Data Management engine

  • Custom deployment options

Billed monthly or annually

Included with all plans

Powerful & scalable regardless of your plan

  • Unlimited number of users & apps

  • Access to all Machine Learning components

  • Unlimited sources and destinations

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model

  • On-demand environment scaling

  • World-class support


$99 /month


$1,490 /month



Subscription Size
Included FPUs0



Included Storage




Included Dataplant



Included Egress Bandwidth




Included Services
Unlimited Users & Applications
Unlimited Data Sources
Structure & Unstructured Data
Component & Code Versioning
Visual Data Model Creation & Preparation
Custom Web Applications & Extensions
Machine Learning Pipelines & Notebooks
Infrastructure services
Premium Data Warehouse Engine
Multi-cloud Deployment
Cluster Location
SSO Google / Microsoft Azure AD
Dedicated VPN connection
Dedicated Cluster
Private internal marketplace
Custom Data Warehouse
Quotas & MFA enforcement
Advanced SSO with internal AD
Custom Domain & SSL
Custom KMS keys
Support Services
Online documentation portal
Live chat support
Email support
Public Roadmap & Idea box
Standard Invoicing
Phone support
Technical Account Manager
Project Expert assistance
Dedicated Project Engineer
Project migration support
Highest priority level
SLA Support options
Custom terms and agreements
Audit options
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Our pricing in action, 3 examples

Example 1

Proof of concept

4 to 8 FPUs

  • 4 to 8 weeks time to delivery
  • 3 to 5 data sources
  • Generic & simple data processing engine
  • No custom development expect for the final dashboard
Example 2

Robust analytics project

8 to 16 FPUs

  • Time & volume commitment discounts
  • 10 to 15 heterogenous data sources
  • Heavy data processing and data cleaning
  • Implement business rules & advanced calculations
Example 3

Enterprise AI Product

32 FPUs and more!

  • Orchestrated AI pipelines
  • Automated deployment of newly trained model
  • 5 to 10 heterogenous data sources
  • 1-2 algorithms in production with deployed API endpoints

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  • Discounts on public prices
  • Global and technical training
  • Early access to new features
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Shared marketing & PR Operations

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Frequently asked questions

  • How am I billed for the ForePaaS Platform?

    ForePaaS offers monthly or yearly subscription plans, and charges for additional computing resources and storage when they occur. While you pay for your subscription upfront (at the beginning of the month or year), resource and storage consumption is billed as it happens. This is similar to paying for your monthly apartment rent at the beginning of the month, and for your utilities like electricity as you consume them.

  • How does the free trial work?

    You can sign-up for a free trial by choosing the Standard plan. You will get full access to all components on the platform for 7 days. After the free trial period, your monthly or yearly subscription begins.

  • What are the resources I might consume on the ForePaaS Platform?

    Your projects will use different levels of computing resources, storage and Dataplants. ForePaaS measures computing resources as ForePaaS Units. Storage overage is built seperatly, on-demand. Dataplants are collaboration workplaces in which users carry out their projects. They are included in your pricing plans. Additional Dataplants can be rented at $0.05 per hour.

  • What is a ForePaaS Unit?

    A ForePaaS Unit (FPU) is a unit of computing power, billed on per-hour usage. It is calculated for temporary data processing jobs and long-running deployments such as APIs or applications. FPUs are included in 2 of our subscription plans, and can be charged as overage if you exceed your monthly plan. Today, we’re offering one type of FPU, the FPU-Standard (FPU-S). The FPU-S represents approximately 0.5 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM based on hardware availability.

  • What is a Dataplant?

    A Dataplant is a self-contained cloud environment used to carry out your data projects with your teammates. It offers all the tools and components required to manage a production-grade data and AI system, from processing to visualization. You can create as many Dataplants as you want.

  • How are resource consumptions invoiced?

    Resources are invoiced on-demand, which means that you only pay for the resources you consume. Two of our subscriptions include a certain level of resources. You only pay for resource consumption that exceeds your plan.

  • How many teammates can I add to my plan?

    ForePaaS charges per organization, not per user. You can add as many teammates and application end-users to your organization as you want, with any of our plans.

  • Can I invoice multiple organizations independently?

    Yes. An organization is invoiced through a billing account, which is associated with a legal address and a method of payment. You can own several accounts. For example, you might want to be invoiced for different regions of operations or different departments.

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