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Business Leaders

Reap the benefits of analytics to drive transformation

Long decision-making process, heavy IT infrastructure, or lack of internal resources are cited as the key reasons why data projects fail. In this hard-to-navigate context, business leaders find it sometimes tough to leverage data and deliver impactful results. Accessible, open, versatile solutions are necessary for them to overcome the bottleneck effects they may encounter. It is therefore crucial to be able to explore and cross-reference their data with any other sources, in full autonomy, no matter the level of expertise regarding tools, data or technologies.

Business leaders with ForePaaS make better decisions and demonstrate their impact with confidence.

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DataViz Experts

Free your imagination to get and share answers faster

The ultimate goal for any dataviz analyst is to improve business outcomes through insightful, actionable data visualization. As part designers and developers, they also need to understand business questions or pain points and keep their target audience constantly in mind. Juggling between different tools and tasks, they expect to get instant and easy access to trustworthy data, in order to build, share and iterate around user-friendly, interactive dashboards, or APIs to feed internal systems across their organization.

Dataviz experts with ForePaaS can make sure they have an impact on the overall big data strategy.

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Data Scientists

Take your data science a step further

Data science professionals know more than anyone else what toolset and technologies work best for them, what they’re trying to solve and the level of performance they want to achieve. Wasting time on data access, feature engineering or model training can be a real source of frustration. On top of that, it is often seen as a challenge to act both as a model developer and deployer, as they don’t always have control over the whole data production chain.

Data scientists use ForePaaS to benefit from a transparent and open workbench bringing flexibility at every step of the process, up to the deployment of predictive models in production.

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Data Engineers

Manage and operationalize data pipelines

Existing architectures, IT infrastructures, and security systems can act as bottlenecks for the success of your data projects and your overall transformation strategy. As the main responsible for the acquisition and integration of new data sources and ETL operations, data engineers need tools to help them build data pipelines in line with compliance, governance, scalability and availability objectives.

Data Engineers with ForePaaS can structure robust, end-to-end data pipelines thanks to transparent SDKs or directly through our intuitive interface

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