Sovereign Cloud: Fostering Trusted Data Projects

Sovereign Cloud: Fostering Trusted Data Projects

François Vaillant, ForePaaS CCO, speaks at the OVHCould Open Trusted Cloud Day. What are the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy? What is a sovereign cloud?

François Vaillant , CCO at ForePaaS, talks about the value of the sovereign cloud – which is to ensure coherent data residency and sovereignty across cloud providers and geographic regions. Vaillant also reveals how an architecture platform like the ForePaaS Platform can enable a sovereign cloud, by acting as the buffer and safeguard between different could service providers and machine learning projects, and foster multi-cloud machine learning applications.


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Business analytics and machine learning in a cloud we can trust. Your hybrid clouds should offer the same levels of security, privacy, compliance, and transparency. This should be combined with a unique model for local regulations on service delivery, data residency, access, and control.


What are the advantages of the sovereign cloud?


The sovereign cloud ensures data residency and sovereignty across geographic regions. Data is subject to nations’ privacy laws and governance structure. The benefits include:

  • Data protection and compliance
  • Business growth with confidence
  • Scalable and efficient solutions
  • Faster time to market for data projects


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