Connecting Digital Marketing Efforts With In-store Sales

Key objectives

  • Get a unified view on social media metrics
  • Measure digital campaigns efficiency for each channel
  • Agility to add new data sources easily


Key figures

  • Deployment in 60 superstores
  • 120 users in less than 2 months


  • Connecting Digital Marketing Efforts With In-store Sales

Discover how Cora connects digital marketing campaigns to its local retail store traffic and sales. Learn how to monitor and improve digital campaign efficiency for each local store. Understand how to connect in-store traffic with your online leads using Machine Learning and advanced analytics.

Why connecting marketing campaigns to in-store sales is crucial for retailers

Technology continues to transform the retail sector, as shopping moves online, and customers are more and more empowered. As a chain of hypermarkets, it became a must for Cora to lead and monitor effective digital marketing strategies and link them to their local stores, to monitor in-store foot traffic and sales.

To maximize ROIs, they should become experts in leading their actions and investments. This requires to:

  • Keep KPIs in one place and real-time
  • Keep track of campaigns and special events
  • Integrate multiple data sources, both internal and external
  • Get a consistent view of their actions to fine-tune business operations management
  • Simplify and fasten the integration and correlation of customer data analysis (i.e. profile, average basket, satisfaction)

Data silos and manual processing can make it difficult

Many out-of-the-box and build-it-yourself options fail to answer all the needs of retail teams looking for a digital marketing solution.

  • They are often isolated and require manual reprocessing
  • Data access is complex and takes time
  • Little autonomy is given to Top Management to manage access rights (country, region, group)
  • Integration of external algorithms is still tough

Solution: Individualized digital marketing efficiency for each store

The ForePaaS Platform met Cora’s demands for a Digital Marketing solution that could meet their retail industry challenges.

They used the ForePaaS unified platform to:

  • Connect all necessary data sources (internal information system, social networks, email marketing, public, open-source data…)
  • Build, iterate and deploy a dashboarding tool with a high level of personalization to monitor their social networks and marketing actions
  • Ultimately, meet their business objectives to better understand the impact of internal or exogenous drivers on business efficiency.

Product: Digital Marketing linked to in-store sales

Connecting Digital Marketing Efforts To In-store Sales


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