300+ users at Gaumont reinforce and optimize real-time operational efficiency

Key objectives

  • Optimize operational efficiency in movie theaters
  • Fine-tune data reprocessing
  • Enable interoperability

Key results

  • 300 daily users
  • 90 theatres and 720 screens monitored
  • Multi-device applications


Business monitoring in a constrained environment

The film industry is by nature very specific: it is not based on civil calendar (week from Wednesday to Tuesday, day finishes at 1.30AM, not midnight), legal constraints because of redistribution rules of box office revenue, etc.

On top of that, Pathé-Gaumont, as a one-hundred-year-old company, has many internal rules and processes.

The executive team wanted to give all their coworkers access to customized and easily adoptable tools in order to reinforce real-time operational efficiency. Let's not forget, a film lasts on average 2 hours and the bulk of transactions is done minutes before the screening. It is therefore crucial for teams to be able to make decisions as quickly as possible.

These tools should especially serve objectives and take into account the following constraints:

  • Monitor the activity anywhere and anytime
  • Have information available in real-time
  • Access confidential data in a secure environment


Customization and continuous innovation

Solutions available on the market today are non-specialized and unsuited to the specificities of cinema production and its legal environment.

Personalization leads to significant additional costs while it does not guarantee automated product updates and a steady level of security. Beyond that, the management team wanted to move forward in a progressive way, starting with a first simple service that would be improved with further iterations.


A scalable platform to monitor movie theaters activity

ForePaaS platform let Gaumont gradually build a set of business monitoring tools to tackle these challenges:

  • Scalable platform to suit specific needs
  • Designed for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) to access data wherever you are, whenever your want
  • Easy-to-use, no training nor change management necessary
  • Secure data transfer and access to apps
  • Interoperability to easily integrate key KPIs into their Sharepoint intranet

Today, more than 300 daily users leverage ForePaaS monitoring solutions to control activity and optimize performance.


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