ForePaaS Partner Summit 2019

ForePaaS Partner Summit 2019


Join us at the ForePaaS Partner Summit to discover the power of the cloud platform designed for the most ambitious data projects!

Join our Partner Summit to celebrate working together for a common goal: Data on the multi-cloud.


Celebrating Partnership


Whether it is the data of their analytics or machine learning projects, we are here to support our partners, understand them, and use their data for value. They count on the ForePaaS Platform to gather and manage their masses of data that will allow them to improve their business activities and their process performances. Check them out during the ForePaaS Partner Summit.


Our partners are a key component of the ForePaaS vision. We work together to move our customers data and workloads to the cloud, securing users, apps and data anywhere they may be. By almost any measure, from new services to more significant customer opportunities, our partner ecosystem had its best year together. Let’s celebrate.


During this Partner Summit we discover the power of the cloud platform designed for the most ambitious analytical projects!


We offer a complete program to understand and imagine the solutions that your users expect: keynote by a “Thought Leader”, feedback from an international CAC 40 company, publisher of a SaaS shopping portal for hospitals operated by ForePaaS, technological integrations and more!


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