ForePaaS Unveils New Analytics Manager

ForePaaS Unveils New Analytics Manager

What’s new in the latest Analytics Manager update

The new Analytics Manager (replacing the former Query Builder) is now available. It is the interactive data visualization component of the ForePaaS Platform. It allows you to visualize your data using high-performing cloud-native query engines for Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data analytics.  It’s easy to use and helps you better see and understand your data to gain and share deeper insight.


Feature summary of Analytics Manager

  • New online SQL querying of multiple Data Warehouses or Data Lakes
  • Enhanced visual query generator
  • Improved charts and data export
  • New fully automated and managed query engine powered by the open-source project: Trino (formerly Presto SQL)
  • Advanced Data Access Control with data filtering, obfuscating, and row-level access
  • Brand new UI

Analytics Manager feature highlights

– Online SQL and visual query generator

  • The new Analytics Manager SQL editor lets you write ANSI SQL queries to explore your data freely. You can now create and execute your queries and explore your data as you please in SQL mode.


Analytics Manager SQL

Online SQL Querying


  • The visual query generator lets you easily discover insights using a simple visual point-and-click interface. You can intuitively create and run advanced queries for faster analytics and insight discovery.


Analytics Manager Enhanced visual query generator

Visual Query Generator and Charts


Trino and query scaling

  • Trino query engine. Manage multiple parallel worker instances with a Trino cluster directly though the Analytics Manager interface. The Trino coordinator automatically distributes and manages the queries in the cluster for you.
  • Scale your queries horizontally and vertically to accelerate your queries and analytics by increasing the number of FPUs (ForePaaS Units, a combination of CPUs and RAM) and allocating more computing power.


Trino and query scaling

Trino and query scaling


– Manage your queries

You can easily create, view, organize, and execute your queries with Analytics Manager. You can also version control your queries and manage which ones to deploy. Create and use query repositories to manage and share your queries.

– Analyze and share your data

Easily drill down, slice, and dice your data. Quickly create the performance metrics and KPIs you need. Create APIs to share your discovered insights.

– Monitor and manage your cloud resources

Look at your query history to closely monitor your query executions and their performances. Manage your resources and your cache.


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