ForePaaS Introduces Power BI Connector

ForePaaS Introduces Power BI Connector

Power BI Connector for ForePaaS. Bring your ForePaaS data to Microsoft Power BI. Data is accessed in ForePaaS directly through Power BI Desktop, to easily query and visualize large datasets.


ForePaaS and Microsoft Power BI® users will be thrilled to know that they can now use Power BI to build rich, visual analytics reports on top of their ForePaaS data platform, and easily share their newfound insights with colleagues, thanks to the ForePaaS Power BI Connector.


A streamlined end-to-end experience


Combining the power and flexibility of the ForePaaS Platform with Power BI provides organizations with a streamlined end-to-end experience for processing, preparing, and storing their data using a cloud-native and scalable data platform, and delivering analysis, visualization, and consumption using a familiar desktop tool.


Getting started with the ForePaaS BI Connector


When using the ForePaaS Power BI Connector, data is accessed in the ForePaaS Platform directly through Power BI Desktop, allowing users to query and visualize large datasets with enforced security controls.


Getting started with the ForePaaS BI Connector is easy. Organizations simply download the connector and install it. In Power BI Desktop, users select ForePaaS as a data source and authenticate once using one of the authentication methods activated for Power BI on their ForePaaS Dataplant. No need to duplicate security controls in Power BI. The connector allows you to connect to multiple ForePaaS Dataplant for all your projects. In just a few minutes, you’re ready to query your ForePaaS data!


Optimized data transfer


Power BI Connector Import


The ForePaaS Power BI Connector lets you find and import either tables from the ForePaaS Data Manager or pre-built queries and reports from the ForePaaS Analytics Manager. You can choose one or multiple tables or queries to import into Power BI.


The ForePaaS Platform is engineered for heavy pre-processing, and the ForePaaS Power BI Connector is optimized for speedy data transfers. To avoid significant slowdowns in Power BI, and achieve the best data query performance, users have the option to offload the data processing to the ForePaaS Platform, and use aggregated tables or queries in Power BI, when querying large data sets.


Graphs created in Power BI can be refreshed with the latest data from the ForePaaS Platform by simply pressing the Power BI refresh button.


Take the ForePaaS Power BI Connector for a test drive


The ForePaaS Power BI Connector is the result of hard engineering work and the ongoing partnership between ForePaaS and Microsoft. If you’re already a Power BI user, take the ForePaaS Power BI Connector for a test drive. Start collaborating with your colleagues and discover how easy it is to find and share insight. Let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you!


Read the ForePaaS documentation for more information.


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